What makes us different?

We believe that engaging all members of the audience is one of the reasons that chamber music can be so special. Whether the performances help tell a story to young kids who have never experienced classical music, or bring humor to hospital patients, we aim to create a connection with every person who listens to our concerts.

We have the following goals:

  • Ignite enthusiasm for chamber music through dynamic collaborations with dance, storytelling, and other art forms

  • Reach underserved audiences by bringing these collaborative projects to local schools, retirement communities, and hospitals

  • Present chamber music concerts in fun and unconventional venues

  • Provide free public performances accessible to audiences of all ages

  • Feature both local talent and emerging artists from across the country


If you think that your school or community could benefit from a free, high-energy and educational performance, please don't hesitate to contact us!

“I just wanted to thank you again for playing at UTES today! The teachers and kiddos loved it, and you all played beautifully. One teacher told me that she loved that the kids didn’t have a book/illustration to look at [for Babar the Elephant] as it means they are really using their imagination. She said she wanted to reread the book to her students now.”
— Courtney Castaneda, Orchestra Director, UT Elementary School

In 2018, we presented educational concerts at the following locations:

  • The Continental Retirement Home

  • Westminster Retirement Home

  • Texas State Capitol Rotunda

  • Dell Children's Hospital

  • EA Prep High School

  • Blackshear Elementary School